Back to School Vibes 9.02.2017

I don’t know about you but it seems like summer has just flown by. I’ve been completely stressed and frantic lately getting ready for my first semester at law school. One thing that I enjoy doing to keep the stress at bay is keeping organized, as best I can. Here’s a little look at just some of the things I’m using this semester. All of these notebooks I found at HomeGoods, one of my long time favorite stores for bargains.


I personally love having multiple notebooks to throw in whatever bag I may need one in. When I don’t have a notebook on me and I need to make a list of something, I feel a little flustered. That’s why I love the redwood notebook for throwing in my purse. The “work it” notebook I’m using as a scrap art notebook. I cut and paste whatever inspires me so that I can look back at it easily for drawing inspiration. The notebook on the bottom right corner I’m using in class to keep track of lists to do when I get back home.

The calendar is one of my favorite finds. I adore the minimalistic style of it and love how clearly everything is laid out. Simplicity is something I’m trying to add to my hectic life in any way I can.

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