Lake Twenty Two

Since I moved to Seattle I’ve been wanting to explore the area more. Last week while I was scrolling on my phone before bed, as I tend to do, I saw Eva Seelye looking for people to join a hike. So just as I did with my Portland trip, I decided to join this hike/photoshoot last minute.

One big difference I realized between hiking in Los Angeles and hiking in WA is that you actually need to have the right shoes. So the morning of the hike we drove to get actual hiking shoes, which made a huge difference.

The best part of the hike was easily the incredibly talented people I met on the trip. Eva Seelye, Megan Callahan, and Luke Schwettman. Although the views from the hike were a very close second. I’ve never hiked in the snow before and truly enjoyed it, despite the wet socks I endured. It was truly serene to be in an area so silent and beautiful. I’ve become so used in my life to filing silence with music or listening to the sounds of the city. It was a welcomed change to have true silence for once.

On a comical note, I temporarily lost my brand new glove while hiking up the trail. I had gotten so warm hiking that I decided to place my gloves in my pocket. Just before reaching the top of the trail I realized that I only had one of my gloves. Luckily I found a group of awesome hikers that were going down the trail and they found my glove on their way back.

Overall the day was filled with lots of little adventures from the get-go. It began with finding an open shoe store, finding the trailhead, finding my lost glove, and finding some new friends along the way. I honestly can’t wait to go on my next hike and see what adventure life has in store for me next.

Below are some photos from the hike. Most of which were shot by the incredibly talented Eva Seelye.




By Eva Seelye


On the way up to the lake.


By Eva Seelye


By Eva Seelye





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  1. September 7, 2018 / 6:16 pm

    Just discovered this and I’m so glad I did!! That was truly a fun day and this was awesome to read and remember how epic it was! I had so much fun getting to know you!! Hope all is well, my friend <3

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