Capitol Hill

If you’re like me – you’re in love with cloudy days and mellow mornings. But now that spring is finally here those days are lessening. So here is a little recap of some of my favorite pieces that I will wear until the clouds disappear.

A few weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Nina Bogomaz from Bogomaz Studio, a family run business between her and her husband. Nina is one of the sweetest people I have met and I had a fantastic time running around Capitol Hill with her. We started the day at General Porpoise Doughnuts and ended up at Volunteer Park Conservatory.



Seattle lately has been on and off again with the weather which has made for some interesting wardrobe adjustments. I’ve always been one to layer up and dress for the cold. As a native Californian, that means if it’s below 60 I usually have a jacket on hand with me. This jacket from J.Crew has been one of my favorites for the past few years.


If it’s not a jacket of some sort it’s usually a sweater that I have on to guard myself against the cold. Although usually, both are on hand. The one below I bought on sale at J.Crew and have fallen in love with how absolutely soft and warm it is.


Nina and I had originally planned to go inside the conservatory but just like with my Portland trip we forgot to see that the conservatory is closed on Mondays. But this didn’t stop us from exploring Volunteer park and everything it had to offer.


Before this year I had barely worn turtlenecks because I never felt confident enough to wear them. This past year for me has been about branching out and trying new things. Since I decided to experiment with my wardrobe I now find that I love turtlenecks and how they make me feel; warm, tall, and confident.

Overall I had an amazing time with Nina and can’t wait to collaborate with her again sometime. I’m constantly finding new places I want to explore in Seattle and have absolutely fallen in love with this city. If you have any recommendations for places to explore I would love to hear them!





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