Palm Springs

About a week ago I had the wonderful last-minute opportunity to fly to Palm Springs for spring break. While I was down there I had a lot of fun exploring the desert with friends and family.

Since Seattle has steadily been below the 60’s, I’ve been bundled up. Palm Springs gave me the chance to try out some spring outfits for the first time this year.

IMG_2513 2.JPGSpring to me means being able to wear dresses whenever I can. To me, a dress means only having to arrange one piece of my wardrobe instead of two. Simplicity is almost always my go to.


This was taken two seconds before I had a bit of Marilyn moment with my dress. Despite the unexpected breeze I had so much fun exploring this lovely vintage store with my sister. The blouse I am wearing below I bought at the Vintage store from earlier.


My sister and I did a lot of exploring at the Moorten Gardens and essentially every coffee shop we came across. Since I moved to Seattle I have slowly developed a taste for coffee. I can’t drink coffee black yet but who knows maybe one day I will. Although tea will always have a special place in my heart and my mug.

IMG_2551 2Palm Springs, in the end, was a lot of fun. I absolutely cannot wait to go back and see what new places we can explore. I’m thinking Joshua Tree will be a stop the next time I’m down there.


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