Self-care​ Sunday

Finals time is here and if you’re like me you probably struggle to find a way to cope with the stress and anxiety. Some have you may have noticed that I’ve been incorporating essential oil sprays in my life throughout the year. Last month I was given the opportunity to try out some linen sprays from Aroma Seize. After trying them out I can happily say that I’ve fallen in love with the way they smell.


So first let me tell you a little bit about this fabulous company that was kind enough to let me try their product. Aroma Seize is small business from Irvine California. As a native Californian, I thought that was pretty exciting to hear. The company focuses on providing amazing products that are environmentally friendly. Hearing all of this I was excited to be given the opportunity to test their stuff out and put it to the test.

DSC_0037In the end, I fell in love with their Earthy Mama linen spray. I highly recommend trying this one out. Just so you know I’m not being paid to write any of this. I’m 100% planning on buying another bottle as soon as this one runs out.


Even though I am now biased towards Earthy Mama, I still thoroughly enjoyed the Detox spray. I found that both of these products served different purposes for my daily living. I would use Earthy Mama at the end of the day to help me wind down because I found it grounded me more than Detox. However, Detox I found extremely useful when getting ready in the morning or doing some light yoga. It’s really light and refreshing and helps clear my head.

I’m already looking forward to going to bed tonight and spraying Earthy Mama on my mountain of pillows. Definitely give Aroma Seize a try if you can.



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