Goodwill Haul

The other day I decided to do a spontaneous trip to Goodwill. Well, maybe not so spontaneous… Last week I was looking at PrettyLittleFawn’s Instagram stories and saw her amazing haul from a Goodwill in California. Since then treasure hunting at Goodwill had been on my mind.

So the other day after my first sit down final I decided to treat myself to a 1-hour power treasure hunt. Sometimes I can easily let myself explore for hours at flea markets and the like without even realizing it. So this time I had to limit myself so that I could go back home and study away.

Below are a few pics of my haul:


In my life, I tend to gravitate towards neutrals and natural textures. Walking around Goodwill was a giant win for me. There was an abundance of wicker baskets and item since Easter was just last month, which made exploring a ton of fun. Once my new nightstand comes I’m looking forward to using the little wicker dish to hold my jewelry at the end of the night.

But probably my favorite thing I bought was this salad bowl set that supposedly is from Thailand. All together it came with one giant serving bowl, four small bowls, and two giant salad servers. I can’t wait for finals to be over and summer to come so I can have an excuse to have people over and use my new bowls!

Now here are my little loves:


I’m not typically a huge fan of florals but when they come in my favorite color scheme it is hard to resist. Plus for only a dollar each I found it hard to say no.


Finally I found these little beauties. They are beutiful teracotta planters from Portugal. I’m pretty excited about these since my succulents have been propogatting and needed new homes. Can’t wait to put these to good use over the years.

All in all I would say my trip to Goodwill was a success. The best part was that I only spent twenty dollars on everything I bought!



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  1. June 29, 2018 / 2:21 am

    I love the serving bowl but this is a truly great haul.

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