Juicebox Cafe

Local, healthy, and delicious can be a tough combination to find in the city sometimes. Luckily with Seattle’s never-ending growth, there’s always something new to explore that might just surprise you. Juicebox Cafe was one of those places.

I must have walked past this place at least a dozen times. I’m a creature of habit until I force myself to break my own mold. I always walk on the other side of the street and thereby never seen all of the beautiful signs that could have alleviated my search long ago.


Juicebox Cafe is easily one of my new favorite places in Seattle. Their menu changes fairly often – just like my appetite – and is full of delicious finds. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who needs a quiet place to work, eat, or just recharge your batteries. I highly recommend their Green Milk to recharge with. Definitely add this place for your own list of spots to check out.




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