Little Neon Taco

Almost as soon as my last box was unloaded from my car, my search for Mexican food in Seattle began. Specifically, my search for a good homemade taco began. Thankfully that search helped me find one of my new favorite places, Little Neon Taco.

Now it’s not to go without saying that there aren’t a few other Mexican or Latin places in Seattle that are also amazing to go to. However, Little Neon Taco surprised me with how great their food was.


The other day my sister and I decided to explore the neighborhood where we stumbled upon Little Neon Taco. Walking into the place I was surprised by how darling and aesthetic the restaurant is. The entire place is a fantastic place to gather some decor and design inspiration. The decor caught my attention but the food caught me by surprise.

The tacos aren’t little at all, unlike how their name suggests. They are filling and full of flavor. The best part for me are the homemade tortillas, which make a huge difference. Together my sister and I ordered the elote to start and the carnitas, cueritos, and mole tacos. Additionally, I ordered the hibiscus agua fresca, something I grew up being in constant supply at my home during the summers and hold dear.


Everything is amazing. I highly recommend going to this amazing place which is so much more than your average taco place.  I hear they even have brunch on the weekends which I just may check out sometime soon.




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