Self-care Sunday

From my posts and stories on Instagram you may have noticed that I’ve slowly been incorporating more self-care in my routine. My life tends to follow a hurry up and go routine. I figure I’m not the only one who has a busy lifestyle so here I am sharing what helps keep me mentally and emotionally sane when things get busy. My plan is to try and share these tips and trials every few weeks.

Candles have been a constant in my routine since high school. My room back home had so many it smelled like a candle store you’d find at the mall. Now I’ve toned down on what I buy and try to invest in some candles with better ingredients a common scent.  I gravitate towards woodsy & masculine to herbal & earthy.

Part of self-care I believe is taking care of your own mental health. Burning candles can help boost your energy or calm you down depending on what you need. The array of smells that candles come in make it possible for anyone to find something they need. Another way to try and relax is by lighting a candle while you meditate, take a bath, or read.


Here are a few of my current favorite candles. Some of you may know Filth Skincare and Aroma Seize from some of my posts. They are both two amazing companies that I keep being drawn back to. Filth Skincare is a Seattle based company that I’ve quickly fallen in love with. As a native Californian Aroma Seize makes me feel like I have a piece of home with me. Aroma Seize has a wide range of candles and various products that I’ve been trying for the past few months. If you’d like to give them a try using the code INDIGO10 for 10% off. I don’t get anything from this but you get the bonus of saving some money!





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