Louis Raison Brunch

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Bastille day brunch hosted by Louis Raison, a French cider company. The event was held at the Woods tasting room in the Industrial District, which was an adventure in itself to get to. Luckily Bailey and I had an amazing Uber driver who found the event for us.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect going to the event, but I knew that there would be cider, food, and friends so I was sold.

The cider itself was right up my alley, not too tart or too sweet. But the best part was finding so many different ways to pair the cider and make new cocktails with it.

The first drink we tried was a grapefruit cider cocktail. All recipes are provided by Louis Raison:
1. Louis Raison Organic Dry French Cider, Grapefruit Juice, Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka, and Grapefruit bitter all mixed together over ice.


Next, we tried was a French 75 Slushee and a cider float. The cider float is very simple to make. Simply pour over your favorite cider over two scoops of vanilla ice cream.

IMG_3050-2Overall, I was impressed with the ciders that Louis Raison has. So good and highly recommend trying one of the ciders along with one of their cocktails. If you need more cocktail inspiration head over to the Louis Raison Instagram for more ideas.




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