Union Coffee

A few weeks ago I explored Union Coffee with the lovely Tash Mathews. I’ve been trying to explore local areas in Seattle so that you might get a chance to explore some as well. I love finding new places to relax and get some work done with a nice cup of coffee.

One thing I love about Union Coffee is that there seems to be a little nook or corner for just about anyone. From the upstairs loft to the cozy couches downstairs you can be sure to find the environment that best suits you.

It almost goes without saying that the coffee is absolutely amazing. Maybe it’s because I’m not a huge coffee connoisseur, but I personally prefer my drinks on the sweeter side. The iced vanilla latte I ordered, to help me combat the summer heat, was just right. Whether it’s hot or warm out, I highly recommend trying out Union Coffee by yourself or with a friend.



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