Evoke Coffee

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting up with local Seattle blogger Cortney from the Grey Edit. When I first started blogging I was almost afraid to ask for help and advice on how to blog. I used to think that doing so would either bother others or mean that I wasn’t creative enough to continue blogging. Thankfully my time here in Seattle has only gone to show me just how supportive the blogging community can be if you just reach out.

Exploring Evoke Coffee with Cortney yesterday was a great experience. Immediately when stepping into Evoke I was in monochromatic heaven. As my wardrobe suggests, I am a huge fan of all things neutral, black, and white. If you came for the aesthetic you’ll be sure to stay for their drinks and pastries. Plus having not one but two shop dogs, Pablo and Pedro, makes the place irresistible.

As a creature of habit, I ordered a latte and splurged with a matcha croissant. One of my new favorite things to look for in a coffee shop is their milk list. Having extensive options seems to be a new theme across Seattle coffee shops. From almond milk to oat milk you can be sure to find whatever non-traditional milk you’d like to swap for.

After meeting with Cortney I stayed for a bit longer at Evoke to power out some studying for law school. Something that I loved was that the big communal table has outlets right in the center of the table. Making it possible not to have to crawl around the floor so that Pablo and Pedro can have full reign.

Whether it’s needing a place to meet with friends, powering out some work, or meeting two new adorable pups I highly recommend trying out Evoke. They have a little something for everyone and the nicest staff to help make you feel at home.



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