Monday Muses

Often I find my life inspired by others on Instagram or Pinterest. Sometimes when I have an idea I find a multitude of other photos to draw inspiration from. So here is a little culmination of things I’ve been influenced by over the past month. 

Currently, I’m in the midst of looking for a comfortable armchair to put in my living room. I love the idea of something deep and comfy to curl up in with a book. I’m hopeful that by the end of next month I’ll be able to find one that both my sister and I love. (Source)

Fashion is something that I’ve always fluctuated with. In high school, I wore a lot of neutrals up until I had a laundry mishap that led to owning a lot of pinks… I combated this with wearing almost anything but white’s and neutrals. Now that I feel as though I don’t have to worry about everything in my laundry I’ve once again begun to explore the world of neutral clothing. (Source)

My other latest adventure is exploring the world of power pants! I used to believe that in order to dress nicely I needed to have an excuse for what I was wearing. Now I’m learning that your day is what you make of it so why shouldn’t you wear what you want. Which is why power pants are now making their way into my closet, I’m refusing to be afraid to wear what I want. (Source)

Living in a city, even one such as Seattle, I find a need to try and incorporate more plants into my home. Buying flowers from the many farmer’s markets always put an extra pep in my step. As with my tendency with fashion, I typically lean towards buying neutral flowers with pops of greenery. (Source)

My household is filled with plants. But whenever I look at other plant families on social media I find myself wanting more. The idea of a wall of plants thrills me. Seeing little plant babies grow before my eyes makes me feel proud. Soon I’m sure I’ll have even more plants to fill my home. (Source)

For now, I’ll continue enjoying the simple things in life such as the smoke leaving Seattle and the rain finding it’s way back home.



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