Self Care Sunday: Radiant Elixers

Natural and local are two things I love to look for in new beauty and bath products. Natural products to me mean having fewer chemicals in and around my body. Local is especially important to me because I love supporting small businesses. Radiant Elixers features exactly that combination as a natural Seattle based company.

What caught my attention with Radiant Elixers was the bath tea. If you watch my Instagram stories you’ve probably seen me constantly drinking lots of tea at home. So the idea of a tea for my bath excited me a lot!

Overall I wasn’t really sure what to expect from a bath tea. Soaking in the tub it initially just felt like a normal bath with. Although the aroma was heavenly and helped me to relax while soaking. But the real benefit of the bath came after I stepped out of the tub. I felt like I had just had a massage. My entire body felt warm and completely relaxed. So if you’re like me and can’t afford to get a massage every week but still want to get rid of tension in your body I highly recommend trying out Radian Elixers bath teas!

Now the bath tea’s aren’t the only products you should try. Throughout the month I’ve been trying out their face masks and body scrubs. I’m not a bit lazy when it comes to face masks so I loved trying the sampler package because I didn’t have to measure anything out but the water. Plus I could figure out which one I liked the most which, the turmeric.

The body scrub was also a great addition to my shower routine. I’ll admit have a little bit of redness on my arms. I usually rotate through different scrubs to help ease the redness. The grapefruit scrub was a welcomed change with its light aroma but powerful scrub.

So If you’re wanting to pamper yourself without breaking your budget definitely consider giving Radiant Elixers a try. Plus every month they donate $1 of every purchase to a different organization!


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