Self-Care Sunday: Baths

I am definitely a plant person. I love caring for things and seeing them slowly grow and thrive. Typically Sunday’s call for watering all the plants in the house, sometime in the shower. So the other day I thought why not be completely surrounded by the plants I love and throw in a little self-care in the mix?

Taking a nice warm bath is easily one of my favorite things to do when I can find the time. Bathing actually has a few benefits to it, which is probably why the Aztecs and the Romans bathed so often.

Bathing Benefits:

– Reduces stress levels
– Relieves muscle and joint tension
– Help you sleep better
– Soothes cramps
– Relieves back pain
– Reduce blood pressure
– Help fight off a cold
– Improve blood circulation


Bathing Tips:
A bath is something that should be tailored to you and your needs. Think about what you might like to smell and experience when relaxing in the tub. Here’s a small list of things you can try to elevate your experience:

– Bath bombs- an easy and fun way to add color and aroma
– Bathing gel- instead of bath bombs which are a one time use, bathing – gels can give you a longer lasting benefit on a budget
– Epsom salts- helps to ease aches and pain
– Bath tea- a high aroma bath with additional benefits for your body
– Add flowers or fresh fruit- no major benefit other than sight and smell but sometimes a little extra pampering can be nice. Why? you’re going to sit in the bath for a while may as well enjoy what you’re looking at.


For my bath, I used shower gel from Le Labo and a bath tea from Radiant Elixers. I also decided to shake it up a bit and added some fresh orange slices and eucalyptus leaves to the tub.

As if you went to a spa, don’t forget to pour a glass of water afterward. Warm baths tend to dehydrate your body a bit so a glass of water is an important step to remember.

Take time for yourself throughout the week. Sometimes it’s easy to forget in our hectic lives. Maybe this week you’ll pamper yourself a little differently.


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