Self-Care Sunday: With Love Botanicals

When it comes to my daily makeup routine I’m lazy. Usually, I’m running out to class hoping my glasses cover up my under eye circles. With fall here I’ve noticed that my skin needs just a touch more care than I typically can give. I’ve partnered With Love Botanicals this month to test out some new additions to my lazy morning routine.

My mornings typically consist of an extremely light routine: letting the dog out, brushing my teeth, putting on under eye cream. But sometimes my skin just needs something else, something to brighten it up. The Rosy Glow Spray has been my favorite thing to freshen up my skin. Just a few quick spritzes and a touch of the Angel Salve and I feel refreshed and good to go. Plus an added bonus is that the Angel Salve smells like chocolate, which is perfect for the Halloween season.


On top of my simple morning routine, I’ve been testing out the Coffee Scrub. I always love having a body scrub around to help alleviate redness. I think the smell of coffee in the shower is a nice refreshing change of pace. My skin loves the way the scrub feels helping to reveal a nice fresh and smooth skin. I recommend it to anyone who might have a little redness, dry skin, or whatever it may be. The only downside (minor at that) is how worrying about water getting into the package. I recommend scooping out a little bit before hopping into the shower so you don’t have to worry about sealing the bag when you’re in the shower.

If you’re looking to ease your morning routine or shake up your self-care routine, I highly recommend trying out With Love Botanicals. Plus if you’re in the Seattle area you’ll be supporting a local business!



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