Monday Muses: 11/12/18

Here are some more Monday inspirations for you! I’ve decided to shake up my usual format for you all with a more scrapbook approach. I have a few different scrapbooks that I keep around for things that inspire me or memories I want to keep. So I thought that might be a fun way to approach Monday Muses.

For November I’ve been really inspired by minimalism and comfort. A warm bed and a clean room make me feel a little less stressed after a long day. The second photo really drew my eye because I love a bed full of pillows, plus the linework on the pillows is a bonus. Now my next goal is to try and find a cute little tray to put on my bed on my next thrifting experience.

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The ocean always reminds me of my home state of California. There’s something about an empty beach during the winter that just makes me feel completely at ease. In high school, I used to take a book and drive to the beach early in the morning. Once other people started arriving that was my queue to leave.

Another thing I love about this picture is that it perfectly captures my fall style. White pants, comfy sweater, and a cute hat to top it all off. I love the mix of high fashion and comfort.

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When the holidays come around my creativity sometimes spikes. One thing that I almost always forget to come up with a Christmas list by Thanksgiving. My sister asked me the other day what I might want and I had no idea. While scrolling through Pinterest I kept seeing a bunch of woven wall art that made me think of my 4th-grade art class. We made tiny homemade looms that I quickly became addicted to using. Now that I’m older and no longer have my loom I would love to try my hand at it again.

Another thing that I’m excited about is being able to bake back at home. I’ve been following A Cozy Kitchen now for a while and just saw this recipe the other day. I love her adorable approach to cooking that still packs in a ton of flavor. Can’t wait to make this fall treat sometime soon!

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Hope you all enjoy!


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