Four tips for rest and relaxation

Around a year ago I stumbled upon a print that said: “have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or beautiful.” With that in mind, I decided to try and transform my bedroom with a purpose. To create a space for sleep and relaxation.

I wanted my bedroom to be a breath of fresh air. A space void of clutter and chaos. However, creating that space extended further than how I just decorated my room. It also included taking a few steps to change some of my activities. Here are just some of the things that I do that might help you transform your bedroom.

Make Your Bed:

Growing up I was told time and again to make my bed before starting the day. Making my bed didn’t actually seem like it made a huge difference until I stopped doing it. Making your bed truly does set the tone for your day. If you can already cross one thing off your list at least it will be something that you can enjoy at the end of a long day. It may even benefit your sleep.

Buy Comfy Blankets:

Not only do they look nice dropped across your made bed but they also are extremely useful. Sometimes during the day I like to take a nap but don’t want to mess up my bed. Having a few blankets around are perfect for wrapping yourself up without diving under the comforters.

Keep It Clean:

Having a clean space to come home to makes all the difference. Knowing that at least one spot in your home is void of clutter can be a relief during a chaotic day. It will help reduce your stress and keep your organized.

Separate Your Activities:

Often in our lives, we get so wrapped up in things that we end up multitasking. To create a space for rest and relaxation try cutting out any distractors. I’ve learned over the years that having a T.V. in my room leads me to avoid sleeping and staying up later than intended. When I pieced together my room I made sure that a T.V. was one piece that was intentionally left out. Additionally, I used to do homework on my bed and my floor would be cluttered with books and papers in the morning. Try to separate what you do and create a space with intention. For me, this part was the one that made all the difference in my room.

I hope that some of these tips help you better your own rest and relaxation.


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