Fashion and Identity

Fashion is more than just the clothing we wear every day – it’s the way we express ourselves without speaking. Our fashion choices stem from both our family, friends, and lifestyle. But most importantly it’s whatever we decide it to be. For the past year, I’ve taken efforts to make transform my closet to better reflect myself. So here are three things I do to express my own personal style.

  1. Minimalism: When I moved to the PNW I decided I needed to change my wardrobe in order to completely bring myself a sense of strength and enjoyment. Minimizing the size of my closet is something I still struggle with but continue to try to achieve. However, I have been able to minimize the color in my wardrobe. Neutrals are a personal favorite of mine because I feel confident, strong, and stylish.
  2. Pattern and Texture: I try to stay close to my California and Latina roots as much as possible. Often when people find out that I’m Latina I’m told one of two things “oh I can see that” or “I never would have guessed that!” Expressing my heritage is something that I take pride in and try to incorporate through my accessories. One example is this amazing Bolero hat from Lack of Color.
  3. Support Local Business: individuality is something that I take great pride in. By supporting local businesses and exploring thrift stores I believe I help express myself better and support others. A perfect win-win!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my wardrobe! Pictures were taken by the always lovely Deanna Rivaldo.

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