Summer is coming

Summer may not officially be here yet but that doesn’t mean I’m not already thinking about it. Growing up in Southern California the beach was always just a few minutes away. When I moved to Pennsylvania I realized just how much I missed being near the water. So when I moved to Seattle for law school being near the water and seeing it every day was a major comfort. It reminded me of home.

When I was in high school my car was always ready for a spontaneous trip to the beach. In the back of my car, I typically had towels, a random bathing suit, and half used water bottles to rinse the sand off my feet ready at any time. Now my car may not be ready to go at all times but I still am.

I’m ready for sunsets at the beach. My ideal time at the beach involves bringing along a good book, sitting alone, and enjoying the sounds of the waves. When I was in high school I used to wake up early on the weekends to try to drive to the beach before it got busy. A quiet beach is a peaceful beach. It helps me to reset and to think without distractions, usually without cell service. I can’t wait to find some new beaches here and Washington and restock my car for more adventures.

So for now while we wait for summer to officially start again here are a few pictures of my favorite beach in Seattle, Discovery Park. If you haven’t been there already you should bring a good book, a blanket, and check it out at sunset. You won’t be disappointed. Just make sure you bring a good pair of shoes to walk in because of the parking situation.

Photography by the always lovely Deanna Rivaldo.

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