Shop Update

I am so excited to share with you all that the Indigo Fox Shop has been updated! Over the past few months I’ve been slowly piecing together my new collection. I wanted to make sure each and every piece was something that I absolutely loved and that reflected my love for the West Coast and especially California which will always have a special place in my heart.

Typically around this time of year I would have gone back to California at least once and would have been planning my next trip after finals. With everything going on it’s safe to say I won’t be back to California for a while. However, that won’t stop me from trying to bring my favorite flowers to life for you all. California golden poppies have always been one of my favorite flowers. They almost shimmer when you look at them and are absolutely gorgeous. Right now they are blooming like crazy all around the golden hills of California. Even though we are all sheltering in place it doesn’t mean we can’t still try and bring some of that natural beauty of the Earth indoors.

I hope you all enjoy my new collection and find something that inspires you. Stay safe, stay home, and stay healthy as best you can!

Until next time,

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