Comfort and style have always been something I adore. But when I find a brand that also makes an eco-friendly version of what I already love then that makes everything ten times better. Tentree is an eco-friendly company that makes their clothing from sustainable materials and plants ten trees for every item purchased!

To top things off their clothing is affordable and extremely comfortable to wear. Especially right now comfortable clothing is a must for me as I stay home and prep for finals on the couch. I’ve been practically living in their sweatpants and jumpsuit. But now instead of changing out of my not so cute but comfy clothes to walk Mozzarella I can just jump off the couch and walk right out the door without having to sacrifice comfort or style.

So even though we can’t go outside as often it doesn’t mean we can’t try and help the outdoors from the inside. Now you can use my code INDIGOFOX20 to receive 20% off your purchase and get to plant ten trees to help the environment!

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