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Queen City Seattle

Queen City is quite possibly the oldest bar in Seattle. It’s history dates back to 1910 when it was originally known as Queen City Saloon. Over the years it has gone through a few changes.…

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My Favorite Camel Coat

I am a huge fan of coats. Which is probably one of the many reasons why I’m not living in Southern California anymore. I love how simple designs and linework can help make any outfit…

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Top 5 Coffee Shops in Capitol Hill

Some of you may have noticed on my Instagram that I tend to gravitate towards coffee shops. As a law student in a busy city, I love finding a nice place to stay caffeinated while…

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Self-Care Sunday: With Love Botanicals

When it comes to my daily makeup routine I’m lazy. Usually, I’m running out to class hoping my glasses cover up my under eye circles. With fall here I’ve noticed that my skin needs just a touch…

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Monday Muses: 10/08/18

New month, new inspirations. October is easily my favorite month for a multitude of reasons. But at the top of that list is always Halloween. My sister and I spent the night before the first…

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