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Union Coffee

A few weeks ago I explored Union Coffee with the lovely Tash Mathews. I’ve been trying to explore local areas in Seattle so that you might get a chance to explore some as well. I…

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Fresh fruit is something that I grew up with always being around the house. Papaya especially is something that reminds me of being at my Abuelos (grandparent’s) house. My Abuelita, who I typically call Tita,…

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Louis Raison Brunch

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Bastille day brunch hosted by Louis Raison, a French cider company. The event was held at the Woods tasting room in the Industrial District, which…

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Turmeric Time

Summer is here in full blast. For me, this means moving around and running around Seattle more than I normally do. All this running around had me in search of a way to help combat the…

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Self-care Sunday

From my posts and stories on Instagram you may have noticed that I’ve slowly been incorporating more self-care in my routine. My life tends to follow a hurry up and go routine. I figure I’m not…

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